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Helping Specialist and Super-Specialist Doctors, Master the Art, the Science & the Economics of Medical Practice and Lead a Life of Personal, Professional & Financial Excellence

Sitting Still and Wishing, Makes No Person Great ; 
The Good Lord Sends The Fishing, But You Must Dig The Bait.

Daryl Hoole

The Real Questions  

1. Have you really wondered how some patients easily connect with their doctors , while a majority of the doctors struggle to have aa credible rapport with their patients ? 
2. Have you observed that most of the 'flourishing' doctors in medical  practice, were not always at the top of their class ?
3. Have you ever asked yourself the question : "Why are the doctors of today fighting - at times lonely battles, against Personal, Professional and Financial Stress and are at a risk of a "BURN-OUT" ?

Welcome to The Art of Medicine Academy & The Mastery of Medical Practice Programs

The Programs, The Courses, The Modules & The Bookstore

Part 1 : The Signature 'One-on-One' Programs

The Beginner's Guide to A Dream Career in Medical Practice.

This is an Ideal Course for a Beginner in the Medical and Dental Profession with 'Fire-in-the Belly' - be it in a Medical/Dental College, a Private or a Corporate Hospital. 

It's a program to know where you stand in your life, understand your goals and design strategies to achieve them.

This program is to guide you priority in laying down a strong foundation in the understanding and practice of your life at a personal, professional and financial level. 

The two-day course includes an enjoyable appetizer session  of  'Objective' Assessments, followed by the Main Course of Real-Life Stories, Concise Course Texts, and the program ending  "The  Live Two-Hour One-on-One Video Session" with Dr.Irineu Antao Pereira.

Do you want to make that 'BIG' The journey of a thousand miles, starts  with a small step. Let us get started.

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The 'Art' of Medicine Mentoring Program

This Three Month Signature Program is exclusively designed for the Specialist and Super-Specialist Consultants to lead 'An Exceptional Life' of Excellence and Leadership.

This is in fact not a Program. It is a Relationship.

It is a relationship of trust and trust-worthiness between you and your mentor. A relationship where the mentor plays the role of a Counsellor, Consultant and Cheerleader to your journey to finding your 'Niche' and 'Micro-Niche' in your professional life , and collaborating with you to ensure that you lead a life of  personal, professional and financial excellence.

It's a journey to excellence  for a 'Doctor-in-Practice' for a 'Well-Aligned' and 'Well-Balanced" Life.

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The "Express Access" Mentoring Call

Designed for "Express Access" to Expert Guidance to Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Practice - like everyday life, comes with its share of highs, lows and the plateaus.

Its not uncommon for even the brightest of our society - the medical community, to find themselves in a 'Tough-Spot' or at a 'Cross-Road' in their daily professional life.

All you need to do is to get in touch with us with your queries and  we will schedule a call at mutual convenience.

Part 2 : The Workshops

Ace your Presentation : Storytelling for Doctors

The Workshop - with Dr.Irineu

Do you want to transform your patients into your loyalists & brand advocates "

Do you want to increase your "Conversion Rates" with your patients and their families ?

Do you want your audience to be glued to your presentations at medical association meetings, conferences ? 

Every patient interaction, - and not just every CME meet or Conference ; is a presentation and an opportunity to 'connect' and increase your 'influence'.

Master 'The Art of Storytelling', and ace your presentations.  It's bound to enhance your presence on stage and in clinical practice.

Rule the Out-Patient Clinic : Master the Techniques of An OPD Consultation 

The Workshop - with Dr.Irineu

Do you know the secrets of  'easily' converting  OPDs into IPDs and procedures, and building trust and trust-worthiness with your patients ? 

The Out-Patient Department - The OPD, is the 'EPICENTRE' of any healthcare facility. It's similar in function to the showroom of a hospital, the conference room of your office and the living room of your home.

It's only in an emergency that the 'EMERGENCY ROOM' or 'Casualty', that may bypass an OPD.

The ICUs, The OTs/ORs, The ERs, may be the 'WORKSHOP' of a hospital and generate the bulk of its revenues ; but 'slip-ups' in the OPDs and things are not going to be worth celebrating anywhere else.

CONNECT TO CONVERT, and Lead an Exceptional Life.

Learn the science behind the secrets.

Part 3 : Programs for Healthcare Institutions

We conduct an 06-Hour : 2-Day Online / Onsite program for Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions with the twin goals of Enhancing PXM 3.0 and Establishing Cost-Leadership. 

To know more about the program and understand its suitability for your organisation, please get in touch with your specific goals and objectives.

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Irineu Antao Pereira 

Founder - Curator & Lead Mentor. 

Surgical Specialities & Super-Specialities . PXM 3.0 & Cost-Leadership Strategies, 

MBBS, DNB (Gen,Surg), MCh(CTVS-JIPMER}, DNB(CTVS), MBA (Healthcare Management)

A Doctor By Default and A Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeon By Design. 

Dr. Irineu believes that Medicine is no longer an 'Art' and 'Science' alone, and has an important third sibling  -  the 'Economics' of Medical Practice.  

The Art of Medicine Academy has its birth in the real-life scenarios - good, bad and ugly, experienced by Dr.Irineu in his 30-odd years in healthcare. Its a one-stop destination for healthcare providers to find meaningful answers to their questions, and lead lives of personal, professional and financial excellence.

 A proponent of his "T.E.M Protocol' and a disciple of the 'KISS' &  the '80;20' Principles, Dr Irineu is the Author : The 'Art' of Medicine - The Essential Guide to Positive Experiences in Healthcare, and Founder - Curator : The Art of Medicine  Academy. 

He is a 'Sunday Chef' with the Cookery Book  - "From Goa with Love  : Goan Cuisine with a 'Health Twist', in the pipeline.


Congratulations Dr. Irineu, on having structured an amazing program with multiple levels of coaching and mentoring.

A lot many will benefit from its
excellent substance, your clarity of vision and your experience of having practiced medicine for decades the right way - despite the roadblocks by many a wrongdoer.

Best wishes as you embark full fledged on this new journey. One that promises to be as good as the first one. Maybe, even better.

Best Wishes. God Bless You.

Dr. Manoj Agny
Consultant Transplant  and Cardiac Surgeon, Mumbai, India

It's my pleasure to have known Dr. Irineu Periera professionally and personally for over 15 years. Our relationship has evolved and Dr.Irineu has turned into my go to person for life advice - not just as a Mentor, but as a Big Brother.

His balanced, sharp - yet calm, and purposeful - yet humble approach ; is just the right ingredient in every situation. A thorough professional - and an 'Ethical' one too ; he neither does nor allows anyone, to bend the rules.  
I would highly recommend his mentorship program to all the doctors who are passionate about excelling both personally and professionally.

Dr. Sachin Sarin         
Goa, India

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. It was at crossroads in my career and searching for a guiding light ;  a star shone brightly for me - from Goa.

It is a true honor to be guided by someone as talented, far-sighted and insightful as Dr. Irineu. He has been a much-needed catalyst, road map and a wake-up call for me, to turn my profession into my true calling and excel with happiness in my heart. 

 I have had a wonderful experience learning, interacting and receiving continuous inputs throughout the journey. His unique ways of balancing various aspects of life - customized for the modern-day doctor, is an example of harmony meeting simplicity. 

Ever since I have started putting the concepts taught by Sir  into practice ; I can experience a newer & better version of myself - working on a set of pre-selected and chosen goals. The lessons learned from him have enabled me to further improve the lives of patients and the community. 

I humbly thank Sir for allowing me to be his mentee, and for the opportunity of learning & growing under his guidance.

Dr. Savio George
Zydus Healthcare Limited, India

I have been very fortunate to have Dr. Irineu Sir as one of my mentors. 

I first interacted with Sir over LinkedIn - where I was immediately impressed with his brilliant storytelling through his posts on the current healthcare systems and doctors' profession. 

The process of interactive sessions followed by a structured algorithm to chase and achieve one's goals has truly been a life-changing experience for me. 

Dr. Pereira is a thorough expert, extremely humble and immensely knowledgeable. He customized the program based on my career goals and has always been very flexible and available for all my doubts and queries. His thoughts & feedbacks have helped me work with a clearer purpose, being more aware of what I am trying to achieve and why I am doing so. 

I recommend his mentorship program to all doctors who are passionate about excelling in both personal as well as professional goals.

Dr. Rajani Budania         
Patient Safety Solutions, Labcorp . India

I met Dr Irineu in Goa in 2004/2005 through a mutual friend. At the outset itself, I was impressed by his clinical astuteness and I have been lucky to be in touch with him ever since and he is always amazed me with his experience and wisdom.

 I recommend Dr Irineu to anyone who would like to train their clinical team on ethics, the business of healthcare, establishing the right connection with the patients and overall result in better outcomes with no compromise on quality

Mr.Jacob Thomas
Executive Director - Operations & Projects | Board Member, KIMS Management Internationale FZC , Bahrain

What attracted me to Dr.Irineu, was his crisp nuggets with regard to practice of medicine which is an imperfect science, practice of which is an art. Such gems don't come across every day.  

I wish Dr. Irineu grand success in his future endeavors - especially those focusing on making the life of a practicing doctor more professional & fulfilling as a human being

Dr. Praneet Kumar          
Advisor , Helios Capital Advisors  LLP &  Lifesciences Practice, Executive Access, India.

Check Out Our Amazon & Kindle Bookstore

The 'Art' of MedicineThe Essential Guide to Positive Experiences in Healthcare . Dr.Irineu Antao Pereira 

"The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient, while nature cures the disease". - Voltaire 

Voltaire's philosophical wit, has merit even today. The delivery of delightful patient experiences does not only need investments on swanky buildings with glitzy interiors, sophisticated technology and infrastructure, but also on our innate human capabilities of active listening, honest verbal and non-verbal communication and an empathetic nature. 

The ‘Art' of Medicine is an analytical step-by-step guide to the design, development and delivery of positive healthcare experiences - aided by the author's  real life learnings during his 30 years in the medical profession.

The 'Art' of Medicine, is an asset to any medical practitioner - from a fresher to a seasoned practitioner, to create positive and impactful experiences personally and professionally. It's an Amazon Exclusive.

 Enjoy the easy read, put the recommendations into your everyday clinical practice, and join the journey to make healthcare ‘truly great’.

Kindle Edition : Rs.290.00 ; Hardcover Edition : 300.00


The '3' BIG Take-Aways

The Mentees understand them better at a Personal, Professional and Financial Level

The Mentees learn the finer practical points of inter-personal communications to successfully play the roles of a Consultant, a Counsellor and  a Cheerleader.

The Mentees learn to balance their personal and professional lives and lead a holistic life of personal, professional and financial excellence

Program Highlights


Enjoy seamless learning, and transform your personal, professional - and  your financial life ; from anywhere in the world, at any level, and at a  time of your choice.

One-on-One Sessions

Enjoy interactive learning from a tasteful blend of online assessments, lectures, and live sessions from senior professionals who have lived the 'Exceptional Life'.

Practical Advices

Practical Real-Life Scenarios for easy  application into your  day-to-day medical  practice and achieve  excellence  in your field. 

The Enrollment Process

Step 1

 The Important Question:  

"Do you want to live "The Exceptional Life" ?

Yes ? Then proceed to Step 2.

Step 2

'Browse The Programs',

Once you find your the program that suits your needs, its time to "READ MORE". 

Once you are satisfied,  its time to click "ENROLL NOW".

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Now , its essential for you to register on the platform. 

Enter your Email ID, choose a BRAND NEW  Password for your 'The Art of Medicine Academy" User Account. (You don't need to enter the Password of your Email Account ID.)

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You will now be directed to the Razorpay - Payment Gateway, Make the Payment. You will get a confirmation email with your receipt.

Our team will get in touch with you to guide you along the way.

Please feel free to contact us directly in case of any questions, clarifications and guidance.


I have been privileged to have access to Dr.Irineu's deep and impressive understanding of the finer points of medical practice, as well as a very simplistic approach to such issues as Communication, Financial Freedom as well as the secrets of setting and achieving life goals.

He  really makes you understand yourself better, and  to appreciate the fact that it's the 'small things' that make a 'BIG difference' in a professionally and financially rewarding career in medical practice. 

Dr.Erel Diaz

Professor of Surgery, Father Mullers Charitable Institutions, Mangalore, India

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Dr Irineu. Not only Dr.Irineu has made his mark as a surgeon, but I was particularly impressed by Dr Irineu’s deep understanding of patient mindset and his take on “Art of Medicine” and ability to handle even the toughest situations—effortlessly. That skill often takes years to develop amongst doctors especially, but it seemed to come naturally to him.

Dr Irineu earns my highest recommendation.

Dr. Ashendu Pandey 

Chief Executive Officer,Aster Al Raffah Hospitals & Clinics , Oman, UAE

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