The Clinician's Mastery Program

The Beginning of your journey to a life of personal, professional and financial excellence

Success usually comes to those who are too busy looking for it.

Henry David Thoreau 

Revisiting 'The Three Questions' that Matter.

Who are You ?

Understanding the type of individual you are personally, professionally and financially, has definitely been helped by the assessment in The AOM Ground Zero Program. 

We fine tune it further in the Masterclass.

Where are you going ?

Your Goals and Priorities at a Personal, Professional and Financial Level. And then set the milestones at 12, 36 and 50 months. 

Now is the time to get working on the smaller steps.

Why are you going there ?

Your Purpose defined, we embark on your journey to fulfil - with unfailing passion, your goals and your dreams.

Trust us to 'guide' you to the Right destination - The Right Way !

The Three Components of The Program :

Self-Assessments :

Our MCQ -Based Questionnaires are meant to unearth the truths about you. 

Success is not  only about finding answers to your questions. Success is powered by asking the right questions. 

Practical Course Curriculum

The Program takes you through 'Real Life' scenarios and problems ; their resolutions. 

These stories are fundamental to our Masterclass. 

The fundamentals learnt in the Masterclass, set you nicely up for the launch of your life to the next level. 

Live Session

The Highlight of the Masterclass : A 'Live One-on-One' Session' with Dr.Irineu - on completion of your assessments and curriculum., to answer all your questions and guide you on the way forward.

The Clinician's Mastery Program

The Ideal Course for a Specialist and Super-Specialist in Clinical Practice for a Life of Personal, Professional and Financial Mastery

The Four Week Course with Videos, Real-Life Stories & Anecdotes, Course Texts, Objective Assessments and the end-of-course. ' Live Two-Hour Video Session' ; is sure to launch you on a journey to being  a better, smarter and richer person and professional. 

  • How to be a Master of the Art, Science and Economics of an 'Exceptional Career' in Medical Practice ?
  • How to be an Efficient Manager of your Time, Effort and Money ?
  • How to Set and Achieve Life-Goals at a Personal, Professional and Financial Level ? 

It highlights the practical aspects of the art, science and economics of medical practice, and guides the clinician though all the touchpoints of a patient's healthcare journey - from appointment scheduling and consultation and up to the discharge and follow-up process.

It's the difference between a doctor and an "Exceptional" Doctor, The Difference between 98 % and the remaining 2 % of Doctors ; is best understood here.

Duration : One Month                     

Special Introductory Price : INR : 14,950 ; USD : 300.00

The Course Curriculum

Click on the sections to view the Chapters

The Pre-Masterclass
  • An Introduction :
  • The Pre-Masterclass 'Master-Quiz' : Your Journey to a better understanding of 'Yourself'.
The Ground Stories
  • The Story of Walking the Walk
  • The Story of Making Silence Speak
  • The Story of a 'Small' Omission, leading to a BIG' Disaster.
  • The Story of Connecting, and Transforming a 'Skeptic' into a 'Devotee'
  • The Story of My Tryst with a Patient's Destiny
  • The Story of 'My Tryst with Destiny' : My 'Cafe Coronary' Moment
  • The Story of 'My Encounter with "The VIP Syndrome""
The Ground Realities : Our Raison d' Etre
  • What do Patients expect from their Doctors ?
  • What do Doctors expect from their Healthcare Practice ?
  • What do Healthcare Promotors expect from their investments in Healthcare ?
The Art of Medicine
  • The Appointment
  • The Consultation
  • The Consent
  • The Hospitalization
  • The Clinical Rounds
  • The Accounts & Billing
  • The Hospital Discharge
The Mantras on the Road to Leadership & Success
  • The '3' Mantras for Communication for Doctors
  • The '3' Mantras for Financial Freedom for Doctors
  • The '3' Mantras for Setting and Achieving 'Life Goals'
The Difficult Scenarios in Healthcare
  • The Better Way to Difficult Conversations
  • Dealing with Difficult Patients
The 'Little' Secrets of 'BIG' Success
  • The '3' Pillars of Budgeting Time, Energy and Money : The 'T.E.M' Protocol
  • The '3' Kings : Transforming Patients into Brand Loyalists, Brand Advocates and Brand Ambassadors
The Masterclass One-On-One with Dr.Irineu Antao Pereira

What will you learn ?

How to 'Understand Yourself Better'

The Course will guide you to discover a better you - personally and professionally. And financially.

How to 'Achieve Your Life-Goals'

The course will teach you to ask yourself the right questions at every step - in pursuit of your goals,  to ensure the optimum use of your limited resources of Time, Effort & Money.

How to 'Delight Your Patients'

The program will guide you to design and deliver Positive Patient Experiences - consistently,  with a concise understanding of the conduct of medical practice - from scheduling an appointment, to the discharge of a patient and follow-up.

How to 'Increase Your Earnings'

A road-map to increasing per patient, per procedure income from your medical practice with a concise understanding of 'Cost-Leadership' Strategies

How to Design Better Packages

An understanding of the process of pricing and packaging healthcare consultations, procedures and treatments

How to 'Market Yourself Better'

A concise approach to designing, marketing and networking  your medical practice

A Life by Design or A Life by Default : The Choice is Yours.

What got you here, will not get you there.      

  1. Do you feel being 'Stagnant' in Medical Practice ? 
  2. Do you feel you need to do better ? 
  3. Do you feel you have the 'Skillset and the Mindset' to be a Leader ?  
  4. Do you feel you need of a 'Helping Hand' to guide you on the Journey to the Top ?

The journey to a better version of  'YOU',  is one 'Click' below.

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