The 'AOM' Mentoring Program 

The Signature  Leadership Program for the Specialist and Super-Specialist Healthcare Professional, to "An Exceptional Life" of Personal, Professional and Financial Excellence.
The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their Dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

The 'AOM' Mentoring Program

This Signature Program is exclusively designed for the Specialist and Super-Specialist Consultant, to lead 'An 'Exceptional Life' of Excellence and Leadership.

The Three Months Program is  principally designed on the  'Live One-On-One Video Sessions' - One Session Every week for Three Months.

It is a "Mutually-Evolving Program"  as per your specific requirements and guides you to a life of personal, professional and financial excellence.

The Program is designed to help you set SMART goals and achieve them with a mutually crafted 'Road-Map'. Deep Coaching and NLP techniques are also important components of this program. 

It's a Journey of transformation from "An Extra-Ordinary Life" to "An Exceptional Life" .

Duration : Three Months Cycles. Renewed every three months as per individual professionals requirements,

The Three Questions :

Who are You ?

This is a deceptively simple, but  'loaded' question. Understanding the type of individual you are  at a personal, professional and more importantly - psychological level ; is the launching pad to a life of excellence. 

Where are you going ?

It's very common in the midst of the noise of family, friends and the lure of fame and fortune ;  'your' goals and dreams may end up being diluted or discarded along life's journey. This is your Destination Blueprint with it's 'Sub-Headings' ! Physically, Physiologically, Psychologically,  Professionally, Personally and Financially.  A holistic view of your destination.

Why are you going there ?

Your Purpose ! The purpose is the fuel for pursuing your vision with unfailing passion. Remember the fact that the 'Right Roads Never Lead To The 'Wrong' Destination. We will definitely take you to the Right destination - The Right Way !

Our Three Roles :

Consultant : 

The sharing of our mentors insights, from 30+ years of learnings in healthcare. Insights from these save you - both time, energy and money, in figuring out a solution to your problem. This frees you up to focus on novel issues and ideas to your drive your practice.

Counselor :

The role here is to be your 'Sounding Board', A role to listen & guide you in finding your right answers, to your most difficult questions. You will learn not only uncover the answer to your immediate problem but also learn a life-long skill that will serve you well into the future. 

Cheerleader :

In addition to all of the advice and  constructive feedback, our mentors love to provide you the moral support, the positive feedback and ignite your positive energy. We encourages you through the downs of life, and celebrates your successes – no matter how big or small.

The Three Components of the Game :

Self-Assessment & Exploration : 

We walk alongside you in helping you assess your skillset and mindset, We walk along on your journey to explore your 'Niche' and 'Micro-Niche' areas of high-performance..

Success is not about finding answers to your questions. Success is powered by asking the right questions, and finding the best answers.

24 x 7 Online Support :

We walk-through 'Real-Life' scenarios, with their problems and find their solutions. 

We make sure we are alongside you in your time of need - at every step of your journey to excellence. And celebrate your success beyond the duration of our mentorship.

Live Sessions :

The Highlight of the our Mentoring Program are the weekly scheduled 'Live Sessions' between you and your mentor. 

Our mentors adopt an active listening and a storytelling approach in the live sessions.

The Key Take-Aways 

How to 'Delight Your Patients'

Master the Art of Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication in Medical Practice, to design and deliver positive patient experiences. 

How to 'Develop A Niche & Micro-Niche Practice' :

Exploring and Discovering your 'Niche' and 'Micro-Niche' areas of Medical Practice, and 'Transforming' your Skill-Set and Mind-Set' for Excellence.

How to 'Market Yourself Better'

Learning the tricks of Ethical Marketing  - Onsite, Online and on various forums

How to 'Network Better'

Learning the the art of developing 'Strategic Alliances' with your Collaborators & Competitors.

How to 'Design Better Treatment Packages'

Designing favorable healthcare treatment packages and allied service packages ; ensuring higher per patient, per capita hospitalization and procedure earnings.

How to 'Increase Your Earnings'

Learning the art of creating additional healthcare and non-healthcare passive income streams for healthcare professionals.

How to 'Develop Brand Value'

Enjoy transforming your Patients into your 'Brand Ambassadors' and 'Brand Advocates'.

How to 'Balance Work-Life Better'

Enjoy a healthy personal and professional life in Heart, Mind, Body and Soul. Live Healthier and Happier Life.

How to 'Budget T.E.M' :

Learning the tricks of planning the best use use of your 'Time', 'Energy' & 'Money" ; and Retire Young. And follow your childhood passions.

"An Extra-Ordinary Doctor" or "An Exceptional Doctor" and A Life by Design or A Life by Default : The Choices are in front of you.

Success and Excellence, comes to those who have the courage to ask themselves the 'Right Questions:

  1. Do you feel  'stuck' in your clinical practice ?
  2. Do you feel the 'drive' to perform better ? 
  3. Do you feel you have the passion and purpose to be a Leader ? 
  4. Do you feel you need of a 'Helping Hand' to guide you on the Journey to the Top ?
Your journey to a Life of Personal, Professional and Financial Excellence'; is a just a 'click' below.

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